A small museum for your business space

Replicas of old maps document the past in a pictorial way and are visually interesting, but if we spice up the story a little more with more details we will get the following interesting parts:

Interesting is the map itself, which was created in the 15th century without help from the air, which means without satellites or airplanes that appeared much later. The records according to which it was engraved in copper engraving have been collected for decades.

As there were no fast means of transport at that time and travel was often very dangerous, the effort to make one map of an area was enormous.

We must not forget that the map was a very important military strategic weapon. During the Roman Empire, there were maps of Roman roads and the collection is called Peutinger’s maps.
So far, only one collection like Peutinger’s maps, about 2,000 years old, has been found, and it is very likely that it will remain so. Why do you ask yourself? Because the tickets were destroyed by order as soon as a legion lost the battle so as not to give up an important strategic advantage.

Did this story interest you with replicas of old maps? It will surely interest your visitors as well. Your hotel, apartment house, restaurant or your business premises are certainly a good place to exhibit this small museum.

Museum may not be the right word, but “interpretation exhibition” would be more correct, but we like to call it “Small Museum”. In any case, the impression you will leave will be great!

An outstanding small museum for your hotel, business space, restaurant …


You can compile the collections yourself. Just a few maps of your region are enough to make a mini interpretation exhibition, which we like to call: “Small Museum”. In the store, you can sort by “tags” the cards that may be your choice.

See some collection suggestions such as: “Croatian history through old maps” with an exclusive map of Croatia in the time of King Tomislav, Istria or Dalmatia:

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Offer for souvenir shops and gift shops

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Interior design

Replicas of old cards from 15. to 18. centuries are attractive in appearance, some are full of colors and drawings which makes them an unavoidable decor of any interior.

Extremely exclusive detail in every interior

Offer for schools

Schools have recognized replicas of old maps as an incentive in teaching geography.
Incentives in school teaching.

Offer for business gifts

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