A souvenir that has proven itself on the market for over 20 years.


Wholesale souvenirs – the value of the offer of old geographical maps.

Old geographical maps have always aroused interest not only because of the historical representation of a particular area but perhaps even more because of its decorativeness. Their ornateness makes them a timeless decoration in any space, and informativeness an inexhaustible source of study: it is these trump cards that turn old cards into a valuable and rare gift.

We believe that customers most often buy replicas of old tickets because of some of the following incentives:

  • exclusive decoration
  • popular souvenir
  • an exceptional gift
  • educational toy
  • visual stimuli in school teaching
  • an adventure to find what is all drawn on this beautiful document
  • irreplaceably documents history

2. On the quality of workmanship

Wholesale souvenirs – the quality of making replicas of old maps.

All of our replicas of old maps have been digitally processed and redesigned to differ in part from the original. The painstaking and time-consuming redesign process is almost identical to that of Flemish and Venetian cartographers 16. and the 17th century, but of course with the use of modern tools.

The copperplate imprint of the map is supplemented with missing parts, larger stains are removed and the map is revived with colors. But some of the flaws found on the original map have not been retouched as they reflect the character and charm of the antique original.

All reproductions of the cards are first digitally processed in high resolution and then printed using the most advanced printing technology, high quality ink and paper that is further waxed by a special process to give the cards a patina of antiquity and become more durable.

We are extremely proud of this redesign process because it has provided us not only with a presence but also with an increasing demand on the market for more than 20 years.


Wholesale of souvenirs of old geographical maps – complete offer

Replicas of old cards are a great item for wholesale customers such as souvenir shops and gift shops. Replicas of old cards have been successfully finding their customers in souvenir shops throughout Croatia for over 20 years.
Our wholesale customers are located outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia, such as Florence and Prague.

Each replica of the old card has a declaration with a mandatory part of the law on consumer protection and a description of the card, which mainly contains the author, year of issue, reason and country of origin of the original and all according to available data.

In addition to tickets, we also provide wholesalers with presentation stands as well as cardboard card holders.

We believe that you will search our catalog, and we are extremely happy to be at your disposal for any additional questions!

We will be happy to send you the terms of wholesale cooperation in a personalized offer just for you.

Small museum for business premises

An outstanding small museum for your hotel, business space, restaurant.

Exclusive content of cultural tourism

Offer for schools

Schools have recognized replicas of old maps as an incentive in teaching geography.
Incentives in school teaching.

Interior design

Replicas of old cards from 15. to 18. centuries are attractive in appearance, some are full of colors and drawings which makes them an unavoidable decor of any interior.

Extremely exclusive detail in every interior

Offer for business gifts

We suggest: Testimonium Latinum , a project of souvenirs and gifts in one.
We will be happy to fit into your ideas.

Whether as a souvenir or as a personal or business gift, Testimonium Latinum has a unique content and appearance.