Incentives in geography teaching.


Old geographical maps as school teaching aids – the value of materials

The modern map of the world is a classic geographical form that gives an idea of the real picture of the world.
Old geographical maps have always aroused interest due to the decorativeness and historical representation of a particular area.

If we think a little “deeper” we can come up with very interesting stories:

Interesting is the map itself, which was created in the 15th century without help from the air, which means without satellites or airplanes that appeared much later. The records according to which it was engraved in copper engraving have been collected for decades.

As there were no fast means of transport at that time and travel was often very dangerous, the effort to make a map of an area was enormous.

We must not forget that the map was a very important military strategic weapon. During the Roman Empire, there were maps of Roman roads and the collection is called Peutinger’s maps.
So far, only one collection like Peutinger’s maps has been found, about 1700 years old, and it is very likely that it will remain so. Why do you ask yourself? Because the tickets were destroyed on the orders of the military leader as soon as a legion lost the battle so as not to cede an important strategic advantage to the enemy. Peutinger’s maps are completely different and very interesting. “

Croatian cartographer Ivan Lučić participates in the production of several maps that we have on offer and then collaborates with the world’s most famous cartographers.

2. On the quality of workmanship

Old geographical maps as school teaching aids – quality of production

All of our replicas of old maps have been digitally processed and redesigned to differ in part from the original. The painstaking and time-consuming redesign process is almost identical to that of Flemish and Venetian cartographers 16. and the 17th century, but of course with the use of modern tools.

The copperplate imprint of the map is supplemented with missing parts, larger stains are removed and the map is revived with colors. But some of the flaws found on the original map have not been retouched as they reflect the character and charm of the antique original.

All reproductions of the cards are first digitally processed in high resolution and then printed using the most advanced printing technology, high quality ink and paper that is further waxed by a special process to give the cards a patina of antiquity and become more durable.

We are extremely proud of this redesign process because it has provided us not only with a presence but also with increasing market demand for more than 15 years.


Old geographical maps as school teaching aids – offer in practice

Experience in schools has shown that it is best to present an old card on a cardboard panel fastened lightly with two elastic bands on each side. Such an exposed card can be easily sent to students from hand to hand. Most often, the collection consists of a dozen maps: maps, the world, Europe, the homeland, exotic distant lands and the Peutinger map.

The cards are coated with paraffin with a high degree of refinement, which is also popularly called “edible paraffin” and as such is a very interesting subject.

The elastic eraser that attaches the card to the cardboard and is located on two sides is very conveniently located because it separates the card from the back of the cardboard of the other card, so it can be easily carried to class and stored without damage.

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