Old geographical maps in interior design

Replicas of old cards are an exclusive detail for interior design. Tickets from 15. to 18. centuries are attractive in appearance, some are full of bright colors and drawings and some are calmer tones of colors which makes them a suitable decor in any interior.

Their visibility and informativeness, built into your space, open a wide range from which you can choose a very rich and attractive presentation.

How you will fit replicas of old cards into a particular space, you can experiment yourself or leave the job to an architect or interior decorator.

Here are a few examples from our experience. It may help you play your imagination.

An old map on the mirror in the “cold dishes” part of the hotel restaurant

A replica of an old map of the Bay of Kotor fit into the interior design on a mirror in the “Cold dishes” part of the restaurant, at the Regent Hotel, in Tivat, Montenegro.

The old map is printed on a mirror and thus brings animation to restaurant guests along with other mirror functions.

Attractive decoration in the restaurant and lounge bar

Interior design of catering facilities.
Old maps are very fascinating, so it is convenient to place them in a part of the space without a lot of pronounced details. It is convenient to connect the motif shown on the map and the region in which the space is located, which is welcome for hotels and restaurants as an outstanding contribution to cultural tourism.

Decoration of the reception of the hotel or business premises of the company.

Interior design of catering facilities.
In multi-purpose spaces such as hotel lobbies, a world map will highlight a workspace such as a reception area or perhaps a section dedicated to guests using computers.

Hotel room decoration

Old world map in a hotel room by the head of the bed.

An old map leaning against a wall placed on a black piano in the living room.

Decoration in the meeting room.

A map of the world is a common decoration in business premises.
An old map of the world located in the study room contributes to a warm and thus pleasant working atmosphere in everyday business activities.

In the interior of the hotel room and apartment

Old map of Kvarner in the service of cultural tourism. The visibility and informativeness of the old map, built into your space, open a wide range from which you can choose a very rich and attractive presentation.

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